How Season 3 Will Work - Using PPO

Season Three is a collaboration project between Jakare Culture Clothing and talented graphic designers, artists and photographers. 

We provide quality clothing allowing you to have your own designs on T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Hats and loads more! Simply send us your designs and we can work closely on creating a unique range of clothes. Once we launch your designs on our website, you will receive a % of the profits per sale! 

Season Three's main feature is the use paid promotional adverts. We are offering you the chance to have your designs advertised on social media to reach THOUSANDS of potential customers. The more sales you make, the more % of profits you will receive. We don't take any fees off your profits for advertising, whether your post is advertised or not, you will receive the same amount of %!

How to apply for Season Three:

  • Step 1: You must collaborate with us and design at least 1 item of clothing that is actively selling on our platform. 
  • Step 2: You must create a Social Media post showcasing your designs (meaning you must buy your designs). Essentially you are creating your ad! You can showcase your products however you like. Make sure you tag us in the post so we definitely see it!
  • Step 3: Jakare will pick 4 posts a month to advertise on their social media account. We will spend £10 a week on each advert, which will reach over 10,000 potential customers!
  • Step 4: Get ready to receive your % of the profit each month!
  • Step 5: We start the process again at the end of each month, selecting another 4 posts to advertise. Therefore you will need to produce new posts each month if you wish to have ads across the year!
  • If you can't get the photos you need for an amazing ad, we offer services from our photographers which will do it for no extra cost, other than the cost of the item you want photographed.

We hope this makes sense, because it is a revolutionary idea of selling clothes. To get started, please email us your designs at

Good luck!