Made in the UK. Worn worldwide.
Made in the UK. Worn worldwide.
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How It Works

How it works:
Step 1: 
Using our colour matching chart, select one of the 10 shades you think is closest to your skin shade. The 10 shades range from light to dark, and don't have to be exact to your skin shade.
Step 2:
Once you have selected a camouflage makeup shade and purchased/received our kit, you can now work on adjusting the shade to match your skin. Simply use our adjuster stack (White, Yellow, Orange & Rose) to blend in with your camouflage makeup.
Step 3: 
We have provided a mixing spatula and a blending palette in the kit so you can accurately blend the creams. If the shade you selected is too dark, use the white to make it lighter until matching your shade. If you have a redness or rose then add some of our rose into the camouflage makeup. If you have a golden tan you may want to add the yellow or orange. Have a go at blending until you get your desired shade.
Step 4:
Once you have achieved the correct shade, apply over skin concern until fully covered using both brushing and dabbing motions. 
Step 5:
Take our mineral rich loose setting powder and lightly apply a small amount over the camouflage makeup to set it in place.
In more detail...
Our kits include: 10 shades of Camouflage Makeup for you to choose from, ranging for light to dark. This will come in a 30ml pump bottle. You also receive an adjuster stack, which include white, yellow, orange and rose shades which you can add to your camouflage makeup to get as close to your skin shade as possible. On top of the stack is a mineral rich loose setting powder to improve the long-lasting waterproof capabilities. Finally, you will receive a mixing spatula and palette to blend in both the adjuster shades and the bottle of camouflage makeup.
Essentially, using the colour chart provided, you choose the shade which you think is the closest match to your skin. It wont be exact, but it will be close. Then you use the adjuster stack and mixing palette to get the camouflage makeup as close to your skin shade as possible!
Everything you need to achieve flawless skin camouflage is in this pack. One of the main differences between other camouflage makeup brands and Jakare Cover & Care is the spreadability of our makeup. A little goes a long way! It is best for covering larger skin concerns on both face and body, whilst being non transferrable.