Made in the UK. Worn worldwide.
Made in the UK. Worn worldwide.
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About Us

Welcome to Jakare Beauty.
Experts in camouflage makeup and skincare. Our aim is to not only provide full coverage to your skin concern, but also help treat and reduce the appearance through intelligent skincare. 
Firstly, we focus on creating a unique camouflage makeup concealer that has never been attempted before. Our kits, popular on Amazon, are designed to ensure your skin shade is matched every time. Basically, we've designed a product that removes the use of sample kits - which saves you money and time going through the process of working out which shade may be best for you. 
All of our products are manufactured and potted in the UK. We are a small company based in the North East of England with a passion for delivering the best skin camouflage products!
Our skincare range is still in development stages, but will hopefully be ready soon.
Check out our How It Works page to understand the process of Jakare Cover & Care's approach to perfecting camouflage makeup.